​​​Can CONSIGNMENT SHOPS Authenticate my Purse?

Small handbag consignment shops may be able to accurately authenticate your designer handbags, however it is important to take into account the amount of handbags consignment shops deal with on a daily basis. Hands on experience is crucial to learning how to authenticate designer handbags accurately.  The more designer handbags consignment shops examine daily, the more likely they are to authenticate the bags accurately. Is my handbag real? Have your preowned designer handbags authenticated by Real Authentication and be certain your designer handbags are authentic.


Boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel etc. are of course the best places to purchase your designer items.  Always go straight to the source!  However, should you purchase your item from a second hand market, bringing your items to the respective boutiques for authentication is not reccomended.  The misconception here is "they sell authentic bags why can't they tell me if mine is authentic too?".  Boutiques are just that, they SELL handbags, the staff at these boutiques are well versed on the latest trends and up and coming styles of their brands.  Unfortunately, the staff are not trained at all on authentication of their own brand. 


If you are looking to sell your designer handbags, not only do you need an appropriate sale price, you will need to know what your purses are called! For resale purposes, it is important to know exactly what you your handbags title should be. Fanatics of purses need to know exactly what they are going to receive and proper identification of your bags is crucial. Correct identification of your purses also shows credibility in the marketplace and helps your bags listing appear more credible.

What is a super fake PURSE?

High quality, non authentic replica designer handbags have recently been termed "super fake" bags and are not to be taken lightly. These bags are only detectible to a highly trained authentication professional. Unfortunately, these designer handbags can sometimes slide under the radar of "reputable" resellers who claim all bags they sell are authentic. Real Authentication is well versed in identification and authentication of super fake designer handbags. We can guarantee your preowned bags are not fake. If your designer handbags do show and sign of a high caliber super fake bag, we can provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity to get your money back from the original seller!

What is a PURSE Certificate of Authenticity?

Once your designer handbags have been deemed authentic or fake by one of our authenticity specialists, a Certificate of Authenticity will document our findings about the handbag. Whether or not you designer handbags are deemed authentic or fake, a Certificate of Authenticity will outline detailed traits your bag shows that proves its authentication status. A Certificate of Authenticity can prove authenticity when selling your designer handbags and accessories (see our BAG SELLING GUIDE for more details). In the unfortunate case your handbag is fake and you need to retrieve funds for the purchase of a non-authentic designer handbags, a Certificate of Authenticity will outline detailed authentication information about your bag or accessory.

How can Real Authentication tell if my PURSE is REAL OR Fake?

Here's the question.. Is my my handbag real? For the past decade, Real Authentication has extensively studied and documented authenticity trends of designer handbags that we provide authentication and bag identification services for. We are familiar with the fine details of designer handbags, purses and accessories of all ages. Among other methods of authentication, we review all bag engravings, bag font styles, and quality of the purses stitching. Real Authentication will also crosscheck the bag with other handbags of its age to verify all qualities are Real. To order an official Handbag Authentication or Certificate of Authenticity please click here.

What is a PURSE Appraisal?

Appraisals of your purses provide you with an accurate, well rounded view of your designer handbags worth. Think of an appraisal of your purses as the Kelly Blue Book value for designer handbags. Real Authentication will provide you with both a Reseller Value (consignment and buyout) as well as a eBay Value of your purses - oddly enough, these two values do not always go hand in hand. We will also provide you with an appraisal range of your designer handbags that incorporate the condition of your purses. For an appraisal of your purses, please click here.

WHAT photos should I send OF MY PURSES?

We require clear, high quality photos of your handbags and accessories, shot in a well lit area. For basic, non-Hermes bags, we will need to see the following: any date code or serial number on the purse, at least one foiled or embossed brand logo on the bag, engravings on the back of any handbag zipper. Please communicate to us if there is something about the purse you feel may be a red flag. We will then provide an accurate authentication, appraisal and identification for your designer handbags.


Buying authentic designer purses on eBay is definitely possible. The first rule of thumb is, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Of course there are also great deals from trusted sellers on eBay, however, be cautious, ask questions, look at all photos, read all descriptions and read buyer feedback! Buying an authentic designer handbag on eBay can get you a great deal, but unless you are well versed in handbag authenticity, buying on eBay blindly can be a huge risk for authenticity. With so many 'super fakes' out there it's sometimes better to buy from a trusted seller or have your item authenticated before buying it here. Over the years eBay has gotten better at removing listings from sellers who are selling fake handbags but they can't catch them all!  Fortunately, we do offer a pre-authentication service, or 'Authenticate Before You Buy'. Submit the preowned item you are considering buying here.


Yes! Real Authentication offers both fine jewelry authentication services as well as costume jewelry services. Fine jewelry consists of designer pieces containing carat gold, diamonds or precious jewels. Costume jewelry is typically from Chanel, Louis Vuitton (though Louis Vuitton does sell fine jewelry), Gucci and Hermes.


Absolutely! We work with clients from all around the globe. We offer designer handbag authentication services to clients both near and far. We provide handbag authentication for the US, Canada, Australia, UK, India - You name it! Our international clients just love our 24-hour turnaround time. They can submit new items at the end of their day and have them authenticated by the next morning - just like that!

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